This England: Without a puddle

This column - which, though named after a line in Shakespeare's "Richard II", refers to the whole of Britain - has run in the NS since 1934. 

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This year’s World Puddle Jumping Championships organised by Wicksteed Park will take place virtually because of Covid measures.

Competitors would normally travel to the park in Kettering, Northamptonshire, and splash around. But with restrictions on gatherings and travel because of the coronavirus crisis, those taking part are instead being asked to submit videos of themselves jumping in puddles they have made or found. They are also invited to use any naturally formed puddles they find while walking around the park.

Northamptonshire Telegraph (Daragh Brady)

A wee problem

Plans for a drive-in cinema in Chester were bogged down after the toilets were found to be across the border with Wales and subject to Welsh Covid rules.

The bathroom facilities at the venue, Chester FC’s Deva Stadium, therefore could not be used due to the “firebreak” Covid-19 lockdown in Wales.

Event promoter Storyhouse has confirmed it has managed to hire some portable toilets so customers “could have a wee without breaking the law”.

BBC Liverpool
(James Shepherd)

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Fifty shades of hay

Addressing the unfortunate timing of the new members’ pavilion, Royal Highland Agricultural Society CEO Alan Laidlaw said: “We have delivered a brand-new spanking pavilion for £5m, on time and on budget… days before Boris Johnson put us in full lockdown.”

The Scottish Farmer
(Amanda Welles)

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This article appears in the 06 November 2020 issue of the New Statesman, American chaos

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