Mike Gapes has left Labour but he’s kept their colour scheme

The former Labour MP turned Independent Group For Change candidate has unveiled a suspiciously familiar election poster. 

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Members of parliament making their own posters is your mole's favourite genre of election-related graphic design. 

Mike Gapes, former Labour MP turned defector to The Independent Group For Change (as the ever-changing outfit is currently termed), would like you to know that he possesses two things: real Labour values (not like those ersatz Labour values held by Labour MPs) and “an independent mind”.

An independent mind, he most certainly does have. So independent, in fact, that Gapes appears to have taken to Photoshop to design his own election poster.

Rather than ideate an original brand, however, Gapes has fused the traditional red-and-yellow colour combination of a Labour poster with the barchart-minimalism of TIGC's logo (adding in plaintive small letters: “it will really help me if you display this poster in your window”). 

The result is arresting – a visual metaphor for the clear direction and coherent electoral strategy of The Independent Group For Change. 

Here it is: 

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