Dominic Cummings’ blog shows the Tories are worried by the Lib Dems

The PM’s Special Advisor has briefed the media, will they oblige?


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Much to the delight of Westminster, Dominic Cummings has blogged. In a post clocking in at around 2,300 words  — modest by Cummings' standards  — the Prime Minister's Special Adviser has laid out his thoughts on the election.

His line warning of the "real possibility of a hung parliament" has been picked up by a number of journalists. However, Cummings is playing a game. In recent days, polling has shown that the only threat to a Tory majority is the potential for Lib Dem gains in one nation Conservative seats. The Lib Dems have been trying to woo moderate Tories on the sly by saying that a Johnson government is inevitable, and so they can freely vote for Jo Swinson, safe in the knowledge that it will not result in a Jeremy Corbyn government.

Cummings' intervention is a call to action from Tory high command. He wants to re-instil the fear of a hung parliament and a Corbyn premiership. Will his warnings be picked up by the media in the coming days? Judging by his past briefings, almost certainly yes.

George Grylls is the winner of the Anthony Howard Award 2019.

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