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The battle for parliament

David Hare, Robert Saunders, Helen Thompson, Chris Deerin, Simon Heffer and Elif Shafak on what lies in store for a deeply divided Britain.


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The pursuit of Brexit at all costs has led Britain to a moment of profound political and constitutional crisis. In this symposium, our contributors ask what this means for a deeply divided nation.

"We know Boris Johnson is a liar – it’s his enablers who are most culpable" by David Hare

"'Breaking the parliamentary machine': lessons of the 1914 crisis" by Robert Saunders

"The constitution has been used and abused by politicians of all parties" by Helen Thompson

"The real question Brexit asks of Scotland is: 'Who governs?'” by Chris Deerin

"Dominic Cummings’s scorched-earth tactics could prove fatal for the Tories" by Simon Heffer

"Britain’s image is changing: in Europe they no longer recognise us" by Elif Shafak

This article appears in the 06 September 2019 issue of the New Statesman, The new civil war