“A sad indictment”: The internet responds to Boris Johnson’s victory

Boris Johnson has been elected Conservative leader, defeating Jeremy Hunt with 66.4 per cent of the vote. The internet responds.

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Boris Johnson has defeated Jeremy Hunt in the race for the Conservative party leadership, winning with a landslide of 92,153 votes (66.4 per cent) to Hunt's 46,656 (33.6 per cent).

"You will have my full support from the back benches", writes Theresa May, who resigned as Conservative leader on 7 June.

"He will be great!", writes US President Donald Trump.

"He hasn't won the support of the country", writes Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

"A sad indictment of the state of modern Britain", writes David Lammy, Labour MP for Tottenham.

"Add hypocrisy to his long list of failings", writes Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton Pavilion.

Priti Patel thinks this will be a "fresh start" for the Conservatives.

Boris Johnson was seemingly prepared for his victory.

Theresa May received farewell gifts this morning.

"BREAKING: We're Screwed", tweets the BBC comedy quiz show Have I Got New for You.

Eleanor Peake is the New Statesman’s social media editor. 

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