Brexit Party MEP laments travelling to Strasbourg… after taking a job in Strasbourg

“I’m going to have to do this repeatedly,” he realises.

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There’s a fantastically tense bit of footage from the frontline of European politics doing the rounds, in which it dawns on a Brexit Party MEP in real-time what it means to… be an MEP.

“Well, good morning, it’s Monday morning, and this is the beginning of my trip to Strasbourg,” says Dr David Bull MEP, looking like a distressed private party magician on the platform of Ipswich station.

And then comes the realisation of what it means to apply for a job in Strasbourg if you, y’know, get the job in Strasbourg:

“So it’s eight hours, and as you can see here is the first of the many trains. So this is Ipswich to London Liverpool Street, then after that I have to go from London Liverpool Street to King’s Cross, from King’s Cross I then have to go to Paris, from Paris I then have to change stations, I then have to go from Paris to Strasbourg, and I arrive at something like twenty to seven tonight, I left home already at eight o’clock this morning, having got in at midnight, and I’m going to have to do this repeatedly – for some reason, the Parliament seems to be in a very inaccessible place.”

Watch it here:

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