WATCH: Esther McVey has no idea where she claims foreign aid is misspent

“…uh, abroad?”


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Ahead of bringing back the birch and unveiling a stylish array of new workhouses, your mole assumes, coiffed reactionary and professional pearl-clutcher Esther McVey has given a radio interview to LBC.

Live on-air, the Tory leadership contender decided to expose how HORRIFYING the waste of taxpayers’ money is on international development projects. Except, she had no idea where this had actually happened.

“We know ports have been built and actually the runways are in the wrong direction because of the winds,” she said, in a devastating revelation.

“Where has that happened?” asked presenter Iain Dale.

“Err…it’s in…one of the, err, err, continents…uh, abroad.”

Thanks, Esther. Unquestionable proof of taxpayers’ money being wasted, right there.

Watch it here:

I'm a mole, innit.