Why does the Housing Secretary have four ovens?

James Brokenshire is getting grilled and roasted online for his quad of cookers.


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In a row reminiscent of the golden era of British politics that was Ed Miliband’s Two Kitchens*, the Housing, Communities and Local Government Secretary James Brokenshire is being ridiculed for owning what looks like FOUR ovens.

In a Sunday Times feature, the Tory minister posed with his wife for photos in their kitchens – with four oven units in the background. In the interview, they were described as “two double-ovens”. The paper then ran a news story off the back of the picture, drawing attention to the extravagance.

Soon headlines about his “FOUR OVENS” hit the Mirror, Standard, and a double-page Mail spread asking: “How classy’s YOUR kitchen?”

James Brokenshire’s response to being roasted and grilled about his cooker count? Awkwardly posing in front of said ovens, with a victoria sponge and a “#twoovens” hashtag:

So many questions. What is a double-oven? Do you need two of them? Were John Prescott’s Jags just two double-scooters? HOW IS THIS NORMAL?


I'm a mole, innit.