WATCH: Labour’s North of Tyne mayoral candidate has no idea how he feels about Brexit

“We need to know what the Brexit will be.”


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Labour’s new candidate for the North of Tyne metro mayoral election, Jamie Driscoll, experienced a baptism of fire at the hands of ITV News today. He was asked whether he was for or against Brexit.

His tactic? Just say “Brexit” interspersed with some words and hand gestures. No full sentences, and certainly no stance, required.

It was like an episode of Just a Minute for the word “Brexit”, but with points for hesitation, deviation and repetition.

Jamie Driscoll: “The majority of people in the northeast didn’t want to Remain, but neither do they want a no-deal Brexit.”

ITV News: “So what’s your position on this issue? You seem very confused?”

JD: “I’m, ha, what we need is a Brexit that will deliver, we need a choice of whether we’re gonna have a Brexit.”

ITV: “So you want a second referendum?”

JD: “Not necessarily. I want…”

ITV: “Not necessarily? What is your position?”

JD: “I’ll get to the end of it. What we need is a clear Brexit option. There has not yet been one before Parliament. So when that Brexit opposite says – we don’t know, will we be in a customs unions or not? Will we be in…”

ITV: “Do you want Brexit to happen?”

JD: “We need to know what the Brexit will be. The phrase Brexit could cover anything from a no deal to…”

ITV: “But are you pro or anti?”

JD: “I think you’re trying to simplify a question that is not simple.”

Watch the masterclass here:

I'm a mole, innit.