WATCH: Theresa May dances to Abba on stage as Tory conference cringes

Dancing queen, feel the heat from your PR team, oh yeah.

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Human shudder and alleged “prime minister” Theresa May kicked off her speech to Conservative party conference by dancing to Dancing Queen, creating shockwaves of cringe that reached as far as Orkney and Shetland, according to local weather reports.

Striding onto the stage, May appears to remember the only non-Brexit-related headlines she’s received all year – her dance moves on a recent trip to Africa – and makes the earth-deadening to decision to dance her way up to the lectern.

Then she just… keeps going. Face fixed in a rictus grin. Arms jerking. Eyes screaming. World ending.

Watch it here:

But it’s more fun watching the Sun’s clip, for the literal howls of pain in the background.

I'm a mole, innit.

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