How do I join the Conservative Party?

Here’s how you become a card-carrying Conservative Party member.

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If you’re feeling fired up by the Conservative Party conference and want to join the party, there are just a few steps you need to go through to make your Tory loyalties official.

Joining entitles you to attend conference and take part in internal party elections (after three months), so you become part of the force that shapes the direction of the Conservatives.

There are four tiers of membership: three come with identical rights but different annual rates, while the fourth tier is the rank of supporter, accessible from just £1 but without the associated benefits.

Full membership costs £25 a year, armed forces membership (for current and former members of the armed forces) is £15, and membership for under-23s is just £5. To join, go to the membership page and select the right option for you. You can choose to pay by direct debit, or as a lump sum. Of course, your application for membership will still be subject to review by the party and your constituency group.

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