Brexit exit poll

With no exit polls, there’s nothing to do but wait once the polls have closed. 

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There will be no exit polls for the EU referendum on 23 June. None of the broadcasters have invested in an exit poll for the EU referendum, so after the Brexit polls closing time, there’ll be nothing to do but wait for the result. (However, you can read our EU referendum live blog for rolling updates - and our slow descent into madness!)

As New Statesman special correspondent Stephen Bush explains, this is because exit polling methods developed for general elections don’t translate to referendums:

“British exit polls aren’t measuring voting intention – they don’t give us much of a sense of what the percentage of the vote will be, for instance – but change… The last referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union – then the European Economic Community – was in 1975. It is difficult in the extreme to measure change from that contest, not least as most of the people who voted in that election are dead.”

Without an exit poll, it will be several hours before we have a clear indication of the result. Wondering whether to stay up for the count, or get to bed early and wake up to the result? See our guide to what to look out for in the EU referendum results.

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