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18 December 2017updated 09 Sep 2021 5:55pm

The 14 most horrendous quotes from Toff, Tory reality star and Queen of the Jungle

“Jacob Rees-Mogg’s a sex god.”

By Anna Leszkiewicz

If you haven’t heard of Toff, you haven’t been on the internet in the last week. Georgia Toffolo, known professionally as simply “Toff”, is a privileged blonde 23-year-old, famous as a West London socialite thanks to her time on the reality show Made in Chelsea (yes, the posh version of The Only Way Is Essex).

She’s been on a series of other shows – but most recently and by far most publicly, she won over the voting viewers of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, thanks to her bubbly personality, good looks, charm – and staunch conservative views.

There’s been a media whirlwind since then. As with many I’m a Celeb winners, Toff has made a series of high-profile TV and newspaper interviews – from This Morning to The Mirror. But she’s also, unusually, been picked up by more highbrow publications. The Spectator called her “Boris in a bikini” and claimed she proved that millennials are more conservative than we realise, while The Sunday Times ran an interview with her, quizzing her on her political views. E4 even tweeted clips of her captioned “Toff for Prime Minister.”

So what are her views exactly? Here are 14 of the most egregious:

On whether her private school education has given her any advantages in life:

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“I actually went to a grammar school for a month, so…”

That solves that one, then.

Source: Celebs Go Dating.

On whether her privileged upbringing has given her any advantages in life:

“My parents have never give me anything on a plate so I don’t understand.”

Except, you know, her £23,000-a-year private school education, the West London home that enabled her to get cast on Made in Chelsea, and approximately 20,000 meals quite literally given to her on a plate throughout her childhood.

Source: Celebs Go Dating.

On her journey  from boarding school to reality TV:

“I left school and went straight into Made In Chelsea – I’ve never had any challenge.”

But still, nothing on a plate!

Source: This Morning.

On equality:

“I want everyone to work to be equal!”

Ah yes, that famous quote, “All men are created equal, unless they receive any financial support from the state, in which case they must prove their humanity to the rest of us through hard labour.” When questioned further on how she can support policies that leave the poorest and most vulnerable in society behind, Toff simply responded  “I don’t really know where to start” and “I don’t know how you’re sitting there saying that, sorry.”

Source: Celebs Go Dating.

On why she votes Conservative for their welfare policies:

“It angers me, I watch television programmes, and you see people that are sat there that, you know, are clever, you know can go and work, and choose not to, they choose to go and sign on. It angers me.”

This is one of the few times Toff gets specific in discussions of Conservative policy and it’s all based on total myth. She told this quote to Jack Monroe, the food writer and anti-austerity activist, adding “Does it not anger you also that some of the funding that could have gone to you when you were really in need was going to people who were just lazy?” When Monroe points out the number of fraudulent benefits claims are negligible, Toff simply replies, “You’re not going to own up to being a benefits cheat, are you?”

This is irresponsible rhetoric that relies on myths. Never mind that 80 per cent of people who claim benefits spend the vast majority of their time in work and off benefits, and that public perceptions of fraudulent claims are grossly inflated, eh?

Source: BBC.

On Made in Chelsea:

“I sort of just fell into it. It’s like the perfect job. Well, it’s not really a job, but just me hanging out with my friends.”

Doesn’t it anger you when people choose an easy lifestyle out of pure laziness and still get paid for it?

Source: DevonLive.

On how she makes her money:

“I pay my rent with my Instagram.”

Ah yes, by taking photos of nice expensive places and things, Toff makes more money. This is how rich get richer, sheeple!!!!!

Source: The Sunday Times.

On her paid Instagram posts:

“Do you see how easy it is?”

This quote comes from a scene in an interview where Toff is sent a picture of a girl’s arm wearing a watch (not her own, but one that looks enough like hers), and a few minutes later posts it on her Instagram with a discount code. The money is made as quickly as that – the writer notes, “Toffolo has barely paused from her party prep.”

Source: The Financial Times.

On the Tory campaign she ran for her boarding school’s mock elections in 2010:

“We obviously won by a landslide and so did Dave.”

Yes, she refers to David Cameron as “Dave” because apparently all posh people are on nickname terms with each other, permanently.

Source: The Sunday Times.

On her favourite politicians:

“The standard: Zac Goldsmith, Jacob Rees-Mogg. I fancy them all,” she giggles. “Jacob’s a sex god.”

Ah yes, Jacob Rees-Mogg. The man who, as Helen Lewis writes, is “completely opposed” to abortion because “life begins at conception”, is against gay marriage, and has consistently voted in favour of welfare cuts, against higher taxes on bankers, against smoking bans, for more private involvement in the NHS, and against a wholly elected House of Lords. What a hunk.

Source: The Sunday Times.

On the fact that she’s been described as Boris Johnson in a bikini:

“That’s the most wonderful thing I’ve ever heard.”

I don’t think that’s meant to be a compliment, babe.

Source: The Sunday Times

On whether she’d like to be an MP:

“Oh my God, no. I’m nowhere near intelligent enough. It would be a dream in about 25 years.”

Please send help.

Source: The Sunday Times.

On reverse snobbery:

“I don’t think people should be judged for their background.”

Except poor people, who, unlike the rich, must drag themselves out of poverty by nothing but their bootstraps before they are eligible for consideration as “equal to other human beings”.

Source: The Sunday Times.

On the first thing she would to after leaving the Jungle:

“Walking straight in plugging my phone in and blasting The Pogues ‘Fairytale of New York’ then not sure what I’m going to do”

There is too much irony here for me to even know where to begin. So Happy Christmas. I can see a better time, when Toff is not held up as the political voice of a generation, and all our dreams come true.

Source: Twitter.