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3 May 2017updated 01 Aug 2021 7:52am

What class are you according to the coffee you drink?

As coffee shops are becoming a weapon of class war in the general election, find out where you rank.

By Anoosh Chakelian

We all know the world order. Aristocrats go to Costa; peasants spit instant coffee granules into each other’s mouths for daily sustenance. As the Tory candidate for Wakefield Antony Calvert reminded us, tweeting about a working-class man’s audacity to enter Costa:

The Labour MP and candidate for Manchester mayor Andy Burnham weighed into the great coffee class war on the same day, suggesting that the Tories want to bring in a “barista visa” because only upper-class people buy cups of coffee.

A tussle that came after Momentum was accused of being classist when asking supporters to spend the price of a “posh coffee” on the Jeremy Corbyn re-election campaign, and the former Labour leadership candidate Owen Smith pretended never to have had “frothy coffee” before.

But with the mechanisation of labour and coffee grinding, class lines are beginning to blur. Occasionally in these modern times, a young prince can be sighted awaiting the frothing of his babyccino alongside a chimney sweep picking up an iced mocha at the Starbucks counter. Lord and villein sup from the same cup of chai. It can be difficult to tell what class your coffee says you are these days. So here’s a handy quiz: