Where is the Labour reshuffle Keir Starmer promised?

The New Statesman understands talks are ongoing between Starmer and Angela Rayner’s teams about a shadow cabinet role after her sacking yesterday. 

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Where is the reshuffle Keir Starmer promised? A Labour source confirmed this morning that a reshuffle of the shadow cabinet would be taking place today, but as we reach the late afternoon there are no signs of one. 

I understand that discussions are ongoing between the Labour leader and Angela Rayner over a shadow cabinet role that might be acceptable to her after she was sacked yesterday evening as party chair and campaign coordinator, which has delayed the planned reshuffle. While shadow cabinet members remain on tenterhooks, with many of them entirely in the dark as to their futures, a Labour source has said the reshuffle will go ahead today.

A front-bencher has expressed concerns about the failure to anticipate the backlash against Rayner’s sacking, adding to pre-existing concerns that many Labour figures have over the advice and communications strategy in the leader’s office.

While they wait, Labour MPs are disappointed that the announcement of Rayner’s sacking overshadowed some of the party’s best electoral victories yesterday and that candidates have so far had no congratulatory or thank you messages from the leader.

Ailbhe Rea is political correspondent at the New Statesman.

She co-hosts the New Statesman podcast, discussing the latest in UK politics.

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