Sadiq Khan calls on Labour to "unequivocally back Remain"

Khan wades into the Labour Brexit row, arguing that "staying neutral is not an option".

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Sadiq Khan has called on the Labour party to campaign "unequivocally to stay and remain in the European union in all circumstances".

Speaking at an event hosted by the New Statesman at the Labour party conference in Brighton today, the mayor of London said that "all Labour MPs should be whipped to campaign to Remain", at odds with party leader Jeremy Corbyn's current position of neutrality on the subject. It is the latest development in a building row in Labour over its Brexit position.

Echoing Tom Watson's recent call on the party to move to an unequivocally pro-Remain position, Khan told the audience that Labour is "at a vital crossroads. Staying neutral is not an option."

"We’ve got to make the case on the doorstep that if we win the general election, we will give the British public a say with the option of leaving the European Union, and the option of remaining, and we will be campaigning passionately to stay in the European Union."

Asked if he would be in favour of simply revoking Article 50, as is the Liberal Democrat policy, Khan insisted "we’ve got to give the British public a final say".

Ailbhe Rea is political correspondent at the New Statesman

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