Jeremy Corbyn calls for parliament to be "recalled immediately" in light of Supreme Court ruling

The Labour leader has called on Boris Johnson to "consider his position".

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Jeremy Corbyn has called on Boris Johnson to “consider his position” and for parliament to be “recalled immediately” in light of this morning’s Supreme Court judgement that parliament was prorogued unlawfully.

Corbyn made a surprise appearance on the party conference stage this morning to announce the ruling. "The Supreme Court has just announced its decision. It shows the Prime Minister has acted wrongly," he declared, to huge cheers and a standing ovation from the crowd. Barely audible over the cheers, the Labour leader went on to decry what he called "contempt for democracy and an abuse of power" by the Prime Minister.

"I will be in touch immediately to demand that parliament is recalled," he told delegates, to further cheers.

"And I invite Boris Johnson, in those historic words, to consider his position, and become the shortest-serving Prime Minister. Obey the law, take no deal off the table, and have an election to elect a government that respects democracy, that respects the rule of law, and brings power back to the people!"

Ailbhe Rea is political correspondent at the New Statesman

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