Word of the week: NECpotism

Each week The Staggers will pick a new word to describe our uncharted political and socioeconomic territory. 

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As the battle of the Labour leadership drags on in the courts, the word of the week is:

NECpotism (n)

When one faction tries to further its favourite son by applying pressure within an organisation, possibly by disqualifying hundreds of thousands of people. 


"If Owen Smith wins, it'll be down to NECpotism."

"There's something a bit NECpotistic about deciding this in the courts."

"NECpotism will only get you so far."

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Julia Rampen is the digital night editor at the Liverpool Echo, and the former digital news editor of the New Statesman. She has also been deputy editor at Mirror Money Online and worked as a financial journalist for several trade magazines. 

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