A political storm: bad weather delays transport and closes polling stations

Two polling stations in Kingston have been closed. 

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Anger from the heavens? Sheer bad luck? Whatever the reason, storms have hit the UK as voters attempt to make their way to the polling station.

Kingston has reportedly closed two polling stations in response to the flooding, and has directed voters to nearby stations instead:

Transport links have also been delayed or shut thanks to flooding around London and in other parts of the UK. This is one factor, unlike bad weather alone, which has been shown to affect turnout levels in the past. 

By 10am this morning fire services had dealt with 400 weather-related incidents, and rain and thunder is expected to continue across the country for most of the day.

Last night saw lightning storms hit the South, which, according to LightningMaps.org last night, formed an eerily prescient pattern:

A sign from god? 

Barbara Speed is comment editor at the i, and was technology and digital culture writer at the New Statesman, and a staff writer at CityMetric.

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