Watch: Rival MPs Jess Phillips and Philip Davies clash over International Men's Day

"Obviously ridiculous."


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The battle between new Labour MP Jess Phillips and the most rebellious Tory backbencher Philip Davies continues. The pair clashed last week during a meeting of parliament's Backbench Business Committee over Davies' call for an International Men's Day.

Phillips failed to stifle her laughter at the Tory MP's suggestion to the committee "in the spirit of gender equality" that the Commons should have a debate to commemorate such a day because "the opportunity for men to raise issues that are important to them is very limited". "I'm not entirely sure why it's so humorous," Davies harrumphed in response to Phillips' reaction.

Watch it here:

Phillips' objection to an International Men's Day led to her receiving rape threats online.

The pair clashed again on the subject, this time during a debate on the BBC's Daily Politics. Phillips called Davies' position "obviously ridiculous" and accused him of a "very basic" view of equality.

Watch it here:

Davies has been ridiculed for arguing in this interview that same-sex marriage discriminates against straight people:

“That Bill has nothing to do with equality, it’s actually now not equal marriage at all. You can have civil partnerships and marriage for gay people. You can only have marriage for heterosexuals. It’s not equality.”

Anoosh Chakelian is senior writer at the New Statesman.