Jeremy Corbyn says he would "never push the button" on Trident

Jeremy Corbyn's interview on the Today programme is a victory for Labour's unilateralists.

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Jeremy Corbyn has said he would "never" use Britain's nuclear deterrent, even in the event of a nuclear atttack in an interview with the Today programme.

All British Prime Ministers give sealed instructions to the captains of the Trident submarines, as whether they should strike back against a nuclear strike or not. But Corbyn's public showing of his hand means that, effectively, Britain would cease to have a deterrent the moment Corbyn walked into Downing Street.

The announcement comes just days after constituency and trade union delegates voted through measures to retain Trident - but Corbyn's statement effectively leaves Labour committed to paying for a deterrent that will never be used.


Maria Eagle, the Shadow Defense Secretary, has repotedly termed Corbyn's comments "not helpful":

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