For a limited time only, the New Statesman presents... Election Mole!

Making mountains out of molehills for the whole of the short campaign.


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Well, hello, my fossorial fans and friends! I am the New Statesman’s Election Mole, all moled up for the upcoming election in an extremely confusing rosette.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be using my short powerful forelimbs (thanks, Wikipedia) to dig up dirt and burrow into the media mess-ups, viral videos and generally more WTF?! moments during this election campaign, of which there have already been oh so many and we’ve hardly even begun.

So keep me even busier by sending any tips, clips and trends from social media or the campaign trail that I might want to dip my claws into, using this address:

Happy moling!

PS. Moleskine PRs, you know what to do...

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