New York Times considers Notting Hill “outside of London’s most elite neighborhoods”

Another howler from our US pals.

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The New York Times, of London restaurants serve “porridge and boiled mutton” fame, has decided to write an article about the capital again.

And boy, does it deliver.

Basically, the premise of the piece is that this son of an Italian count who is dating Princess Beatrice and designing and selling homes to wealthy people in London is “not your average property developer” (uh huh) – because he is developing in “areas slightly outside the most prestigious and expensive parts of London”. Like Notting Hill.

Notting Hill.

“The Leinster Square project in Notting Hill embodies Banda’s strategy of building high-end apartments outside of London’s most elite neighborhoods,” reads the photo caption.

“Mr. Mozzi’s Notting Hill project, 13-19 Leinster Square, embodies his strategy of creating carefully designed homes for wealthy clients in areas slightly outside the most prestigious and expensive parts of London,” the article goes on to explain.

Apparently, “clients are more willing nowadays to consider an apartment in Fulham or the less prestigious parts of Notting Hill rather than insisting on Belgravia and Mayfair”.


Notting Hill.

Your mole will be in touch with Mr Mozzi shortly about slumming it in a Holland Park molehill. So gritty!

I'm a mole, innit.

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