John Humphrys and David Davis joke on live radio about a man punching his partner

A Russian dancer was disqualified from the World Tango Championships for assaulting his wife. Bantz!

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In example number 98374598374 of why John Humphrys should retire and the entire way society is run should be turned on its head, the Radio 4 Today programme host shared numerous jokes with Tory politician David Davis about domestic violence on live radio.

Prior to an interview with the former Brexit secretary, the last news story in the headline bulletin was about a Russian dancer in a husband-and-wife team who was disqualified from the World Tango Championships for punching his partner following their semi-final performance.

Apparently, this grim story was already enough to set Humphrys off, who snickered after the bulletin: “Hm, the time is” – chuckles – “ten past eight!”

After being introduced, Davis chimed in with some top bantz about a man punching a woman. “Good morning, I guess this is our last Tango!”

“HA!” roared Humphrys in response. “I promise not to punch you if you don’t punch me.”

“Ah, very good.”



Absolute legends!

And clearly the joke – about, let’s not forget, a man physically assaulting his partner – was too funny to let go, with Davis adding at the end of the interview: “Our last Tango was very pleasant, and neither of us punched each other!”

Humphrys: “Hahahaha.”

Well done on this staggeringly revelatory interview, chaps. Great work.

I'm a mole, innit.

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