Boris Johnson’s aide was the Mirror Chicken – who hounded Tories for avoiding debates

Winner winner chicken spinner.


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In a beautiful twist of irony, Boris Johnson’s spin doctor in No 10 is the same guy who dressed up as a chicken during the 2010 general election campaign and chased David Cameron around.

The idea was that the then wannabe prime minister was too “chicken” to take the Mirror's questions, and in 2015 to take part in the leadership debates…

…remind you of anyone?

Johnson, who ducked out of a number of head-to-head televised debates when he was running for the Tory leadership, will now be working every day with the very same chicken who clucked at such behaviour.

The Mirror has splashed on the story about Lee Cain, the chicken-spinner in question, describing how enthusiastically he took up the task nine years ago to chase Tories around and taunt them for dodging questions. The idea of the Mirror Chicken was apparently “hatched” in 1997, when the then PM John Major kept avoiding debates.

Your mole is personally furious at being overshadowed by the most famous animal in politics. First Larry the Cat and now this.

I'm a mole, innit.