Cringe UK: Watch the moment a Change UK MP tells her audience to “look at your hands”

“That’s it, it’s there, that’s the answer to this – it’s in your hands.”

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There’s another party running in the European elections at the last minute, and its name is Cringe UK. Vote for it if you want muscle-clenching rhetoric and wince-inducing messaging.

Because that’s the kind of politics Labour-turned-Change UK MP Joan Ryan delivered at a rally today.

“Can you just look at your hands, please?” she asked, holding hers out above the lectern, like Oliver Twist at a primary school mock election.

“That’s it, it’s there. That’s the answer to this. It’s in your hands.”

She then released her hands from their book-like display with a flourish.

Watch it here, if you can see through your own hands, which presumably have gravitated over your face in horror:

A positive and uplifting moment in British politics, if you read some of the best Twitter jokes:

The best part of this speech is that she tells the audience: “You’re really good, you’re doing that ever so well, that’s the best I’ve seen it done – brilliant!”

So she’s done it before.

And with that, your mole will leave you with the Safety Dance:

I'm a mole, innit.

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