Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party’s website is currently owned by anti-Brexit campaigners

Great start, lads.

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Nigel Farage, as everyone knows, is a career politician. He led a political party for nearly a decade, has spent nearly 20 years as an MEP, and has stood, unsuccessfully, for parliament seven times.

But as those seven unsuccessful parliamentary campaigns suggest, experience is not the same as competence. And today we got a new insight into quite how rubbish the former City trader was at some of the basics of politics, with the formal launch of his new venture, the Brexit Party.

Check out this screen shot of, an address which one would imagine to link to its website:

Look closely and you might spot some of the handiwork of Led By Donkeys, the anti-Brexit campaign group that keeps putting giant versions of Leavers’ tweets on billboards.

Come on, Nigel, this is basic stuff. You’re never going to make it to the Palace of Westminster if you can’t even be bothered to register your own website, are you? Or at all, probably.

I'm a mole, innit.

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