Michael Gove avoids Brexit questions with infuriating “tea and toast” distraction

Yet another politician gets away with faux English whimsy.


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Melting butler and Environment Secretary Michael Gove is the master of getting away with it. After comparing pro-Remain economists to Nazi doctors in the run-up to the EU referendum, he simply mildly apologised and carried on – later running for Tory leader.

Now he’s in the cabinet, his frothing Brexiteering has been slightly more limited behind closed doors, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have to answer for the consequences of a toxic campaign he fought so hard for.

That’s why his gross sham eccentricity and faux English whimsy when faced with questions this morning so rankles.

When a journalist tried to ask him about any progress between Downing Street and Brussels this morning outside his house, Gove simply plummed away in his sickening cartoonish manner about his breakfast.

“There has been some progress – I managed to have a cup of tea and some toast, and I managed to get a lovely evening sleep.”

He used the same distraction tactics as his ally/nemesis Boris Johnson, who made journalists outside his house cups of tea in a stunt to distract from one of the biggest disasters of modern British politics.

Forgive us if this strategy is starting to stew.

I'm a mole, innit.