In the most dad move ever, Alastair Campbell doesn’t know what a gif is

“I believe this is called a GIF.” No.


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In the worst example of a politician trying to be “down with the kids” since Iain Duncan Smith did an Eminem rap on Good Morning Britain, former New Labour spin doctor and self-professed “communicator” (according to his Twitter bio) Alastair Campbell attempted to gif himself wanging on about Europe.

And this – poor, patient, noble reader – was the result:

“I believe this is called a GIF,” he tweeted, complete with the full-dad caps lock. “I do say it a lot mind you.”

Cue an awkward, blurry still of Campbell subtitled “We’ve got to be tough on Brexit,” – the promise of that hopeful, suspenseful comma never delivered.

Alastair Campbell, ladies and gentleman. “Writer, communicator, consultant, strategist.”

I'm a mole, innit.