“Ignore the will of the people at your peril”: Tabloids threaten MPs on Brexit vote

“A warning for our elected representatives.”


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Threatening Brexit front page, case 348768756.

Yes, as MPs vote on amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill today, some of our tabloids have come over a bit mafioso.

“We have one simple warning to our elected representatives…” growls the Express splash on a – surprise surprise – lurid Union Jack background. “IGNORE THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE AT YOUR PERIL”.

Pictures: Twitter

What are they going to do? Dress a reporter up as St George and waggle a little spear at Tory rebels?

The Sun, too, warns MPs to choose “GREAT BRITAIN” or else it’ll be a “GREAT BETRAYAL”. This is on a backdrop of all things GREAT about Britain – war planes, belching power stations, rollercoasters, footballs, a mythical Scottish monster, and some sheep.

But your mole reckons it looks like quite a bit that makes up “GREAT BRITAIN” would prefer the other option – the Shard, Houses of Parliament, red bus and Loch Ness Monster all exist in regions that voted heavily for Remain, after all…

I'm a mole, innit.