Watch: Richard Madeley spectacularly shuts down live interview with Defence Secretary

“Interview terminated because you won’t answer the question.”

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Is there anything more beautiful of a rainy Tuesday morning than seeing a smug cabinet minister, standing in a Worcestershire safari park for some reason, being deemed too vapid for a short interview on live breakfast television?

NO, cries your mole!

This is what happened to Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson when he met the wrath of a particularly feisty Alan Partridge-on-steroids Richard Madeley this morning, who tried to grill him about using combative “Trump-esque” language towards Russia.

“Do you regret using very casual Trump-esque language like ‘shut up and go away’? Please don’t tell me what happened, because we know what happened. Do you regret using that language? That is the question?” asked Madeley, throwing his pen down with finality.

“Well what was right was actually we came together with our allies and made it absolutely…” Williamson burbled.

“You’re not going to answer are you?” Madeley cut in. “Ok. Alright. Ok, alright, alright. Interview terminated, because you won’t answer the question.”

Williamson was left looking lost and humiliated, as an elephant wandered past behind him.

I'm a mole, innit.

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