Last year’s front pages are a hilarious prediction of Theresa May smashing Labour

Look how that one worked out.


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Your mole isn’t one for dwelling on the past, but will never forget being summoned rudely from the burrow by the news this time last year that Theresa May had been out for some fresh air and decided that actually, yes, she would hold a snap election after all.

Back then, the Prime Minister wanted to make the most of her thumping lead in the polls and super-charge the meagre majority bequeathed to her by David Cameron to make sure she could do Brexit exactly how she wanted.

Jeremy Corbyn’s divided Labour party, shedding popularity by the day, would be easy to destroy, and May would be the Tories’ saviour, guiding Britain through its departure from the EU with “strong and stable” leadership.


Look how that one worked out.

Here are some of the funniest front pages from that day:

“Crush the saboteurs”. Or, y’know, sabotage yourself.

You know when those to-do lists just…never seem to get done?


I'm a mole, innit.