Express freaks out at Jeremy Corbyn’s THREE HOURS of “silence” on royal baby news

A shocking delay.

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In perhaps the most comic iteration of the exciting new genre of journalism known as Jeremy Corbyn Patriotism Watch, the Express is absolutely fuming at the fact that it took the Labour leader – who has a full-time job, y’know, leading the opposition – THREE WHOLE HOURS to respond to the news that Kate Middleton gave birth to her third child.

“Jeremy Corbyn SILENT for HOURS after Kate and William welcome royal baby,” it screamed in the purist pearl-clutch in headline form.

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Apparently the Labour leader was a few hours behind the Prime Minister – who responded in half an hour – in congratulating the Cambridges on their new baby.

Who knew the fifth in line to the throne would provoke this level of royal baby hysteria? Surely the Express has other priorities – a topical defence of Theresa May’s “hostile environment” policy towards immigrants, maybe? It was St George’s Day, after all. Pull your finger out, Express.

I'm a mole, innit.

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