The Sun’s transphobic frontpage mars a couple’s wedding day

“I have always been a woman and Jake has always been a man.”

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Ah, nothing says romance like a sweaty little right-wing tabloid questioning your identity on its front page in honour of your wedding day.

Because that’s what The Sun’s done today, reducing the Army officer Hannah Winterbourne and actor Jake Graf’s wedding day into an offensive pun to tickle any readers who have trouble computing two people loving one another: “Tran and wife.”

The frontpage also bears old pictures of Hannah and Jake before they transitioned, and fixates on their past, undermining their gender identities.

This led Hannah to tweet today: “A shame that our beautiful day and a positive article… has been marred by fairly offensive headlines. I have always been a woman and Jake has always been a man.”

Ironically, it was a Sun frontpage in 2015 about Hannah being the Army’s only trans officer that drew Jake’s attention to her and led to their relationship. It’s a shame this is the price they’ve been made to pay for The Sun playing matchmaker.

I'm a mole, innit.

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