SHOCK as Daily Express discovers Brexit is bad

Now you tell us.


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Dead tree of bigotry the Daily Express has published the journalism equivalent of when a retro cartoon character runs off a cliff through the air – and then plummets when it looks down. The newspaper is at the looking down stage.

Yes, the mouthpiece of Brexiteers, Ukippers and anachronistic portrayals of St George, has discovered that Brexit might not be such a good idea.

“Brexit SHOCK warning: Britain will be WORSE OFF out of the EU under ALL Brexit scenarios,” it tweeted yesterday afternoon, linking to an article reporting with a note of terror the words of an expert saying all Brexit scenarios would hurt Britain.

In light of the Express’s sudden grave concerns, your mole cannot think why we ever would have been compelled to vote Leave.

Where would we have got that idea?

I'm a mole, innit.