GQ’s editor complains that Jeremy Corbyn’s fashion shoot was “torture”

The Labour leader apparently just didn’t understand how important this was.

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It’s Jeremy Corbyn as you’ve never seen him before. Photographed in flattering, subtle tones, with suspiciously smooth skin, a neatly trimmed beard, and a dark suit (Marks and Spencer’s finest).

Turn the pages of GQ and you’ll find he’s dumped the jacket and is coolly rolling up his shirt sleeves (shot in stylish black and white). Yet the editor of GQ, Dylan Jones, claims the effort to turn Corbyn into a gentleman “was quite tortuous”. Speaking to BBC Radio 4, Jones complained: “It was as difficult as shooting any Hollywood celebrity.”

He lamented: “They didn’t really seem to understand the process at all. They didn’t understand that (a) he would have to be photographed in the first place, (b) that he would need to be presentable, he couldn’t just turn up in his anorak.”

Jones then stuck the comb in and twisted it: “When he actually turned up for the shoot it was almost like he was pushed around like a grandpa for the family Christmas photograph. He wasn’t particularly aware of what was going on.” He went on to compare Corbyn to the Wizard of Oz. 

Corbyn hasn’t discussed whether the photoshoot was torture for him too, but then, he’s been trolling fashion-minded journalists for 33 years…

Exciting update! Dylan Jones has admitted he didn't actually even attend the infamous photo shoot. Anoraks all round...

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