The Daily Mail’s witch hunt for university Remainers spectacularly backfires

Trying to root out “anti-Brexit bias” among academics and students has the opposite effect.


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Spare a thought for the Daily Mail. The government is now so outrageously agenda-driven that it’s nicking all of the paper’s limelight.

This week, the Tory whip Chris Heaton-Harris MP got in trouble for writing letters to universities asking for information and names regarding their Brexit teaching.

So the Mail, clearly envious of the attention, and maybe spooked by the Tories’ recent insistence on protecting “free speech” on campus, has decided to make its own McCarthyist move.

Splashing on “Our Remainer Universities”, it has run an article all about how many academics and students are pro-European – ie. highlighting that the UK’s most educated people are against Brexit.

And as if that doesn’t undermine the Mail’s message enough, it has included a call-out for readers to shop their professors and universities for “anti-Brexit bias”:

It gives an email address and everything. Guess how people are responding:

















This mole looks forward to tomorrow, when the Mail will surely publish a round-up of what it has learned from all this intel it asked for… 

I'm a mole, innit.

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