The Daily Mail discovers that attacking asylum seekers is bad

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Big news this week, as that daily dead tree of prejudice the Mail discovers that attacking people for their ethnicity is a Bad Thing.

Here is its front page, following the story of a Kurdish asylum seeker who was attacked in Croydon, south London:

Photo: Twitter/@hendopolis

“Savages”, it shrieks in bold, righteous capitals.

Because how on earth would anyone in the UK get the impression that people from other countries, fleeing persecution and coming to Britain for a better life, shouldn't be here? That they should instead be dehumanised, blamed for all public service failings, vilified for the audacity of having a different colour skin or speaking a foreign language, seen as a statistic rather than a person with rights, demonised as criminals and rapists, blamed erroneously for "stealing" jobs, branded falsely as benefit "scroungers", compared to insects and animals, used as a scapegoat for all government mistakes, and characterised as the root of all Britain's problems?

I mean, where, WHERE, could one possibly get that idea?

All photos: Twitter

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