The Washington Post Express uses a male symbol to represent a women's march


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As a fellow scribbler, your mole understands the gut-punching shame of making a massive typo and readers noticing, but the Washington Post Express has outdone us all with its cover today:

And your mole isn't talking about that rogue apostrophe-"a". Yes, the daily freesheet used a massive picture of the male arrow symbol to illustrate its story about a women's march due to take place after Trump's inauguration.

The paper hastily deleted the tweet of its cover and apologised on its Twitter feed. With another typo.

They deleted that too, bless 'em.

To be fair to the team, they can't be that ham-fisted, as they designed a replacement cover within 45 minutes of tweeting the error:

The way America seems to be going, the Express's original choice of symbol was probably more accurate anyway...

I'm a mole, innit.

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