Labour’s BBC beef intensifies as Jeremy Corbyn supporters boo and hiss Laura Kuenssberg

Audience members at the Labour leader's EU speech had a hostile reaction towards the BBC political editor doing her job.

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It's no secret that Jeremy Corbyn sees the BBC as biased against him.

He spelt out his views on the matter in a revealing VICE documentary only this week, complaining:

“There is not one story on any election anywhere in the UK that the BBC will not spin into a problem for me. It is obsessive beyond belief. They are obsessed with trying to damage the leadership of the Labour party .”

It's also no secret that some hardcore Corbynites online have a rather nasty thing against the BBC's political editor, Laura Kuenssberg; their petition calling for her to be sacked was recently pulled due to attracting misogynist abuse.

But the way audience members reacted to Kuenssberg asking Corbyn a question during a Q&A, ie. doing her job, today following his speech on the EU, reveals how little regard some in Labour have for the workers' rights their dear leader so passionately defends. BuzzFeed captured the moment:

The look on Corbyn's face, and his failure to defend Kuenssberg, makes his championing of the media in his speech ring rather hollow:

“The European Convention on Human Rights, empowering citizens to hold the Government accountable has strengthened our rights as citizens and stopped the Government gagging free speech and a free press.”

 An irony not lost on Kuenssberg herself:

I'm a mole, innit.

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