Press restricted from interviewing Muslim women at PM's event to give Muslim women a voice

Journalists are being blocked from asking the Muslim women questions at David Cameron's speech about empowering Muslim women.


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David Cameron is visiting a "secret venue" to promote a new government drive to teach migrant women English. One of his reasons for this policy is to free women from some "menfolk" in Muslim communities who foster isolation and segregation by preventing women in their families from learning English.

The blast of the dog-whistle/foghorn aside, Cameron has slightly undermined his message at this press event in question. Sky News' Gerard Tubb has pointed out the irony of being restricted from asking the attending Muslim women questions:

Guido hears No 10's defence that this was simply a timetabling issue, and that the women would be able to speak to journalists after the event.

Sounds like they realised the irony of powerful men restricting women's voices...

I'm a mole, innit.