Jeremy Corbyn signed a motion earlier this year deploring the "demeaning and deteriorating spectacle of PMQs"

The Labour leader signed an early day motion after the election slamming the parliamentary practice that will now be his weekly appointment.

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Jeremy Corbyn will face David Cameron in Prime Minister's Questions every Wednesday, now he's been voted Labour leader. But he actually hates the idea of it.

He signed an early day motion in May this year, alongside 18 other MPs, condemning the practice:

"That this House is appalled at the demeaning and deteriorating spectacle of Prime Minister's Questions; notes the widely expressed public revulsion at this ill-mannered, pointless exchange of insults; and calls for its reinvention into a new format in which the Prime Minister can respond to questions in an atmosphere of calm, respect and dignity."

 He sponsored the motion as well as backing it:

Your mole cannot wait to see if Corbyn chooses respect and dignity over pointless insults in the weeks to follow...

I'm a mole, innit.

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