Fast food joints, ranked in terms of feminism for International Women’s Day

Where is the Burger Queen?


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Are you a woman? Do you eat chips? Well, at long last the day of your emancipation has arrived. Today, on this very special International Women’s Day, the tireless decades of work towards representation by major fast food outlets have come to a head.

Yes. A McDonald’s in California has switched its M upside down, to make a kind of “W”. And Colonel Sanders’ wife Claudia is allowed one day in the spotlight, as KFC Malaysia switches its logo.

Good work, guys. It looks like some of the others have a lot of catching up to do:


Photo: Flickr/Mike Mozart

Clearly the most feminist. Wendy is a fast food joint owner in her own right, and doesn’t only appear on shop signs on International Women’s Day wearing her husband’s necktie and glasses.

She probably doesn’t even have a husband.

You go girl!

Sam’s Chicken

Sam’s Chicken was founded by a man called Sam, but that’s ok because the gender of its chicken mascot wearing a stetson is ambiguous. Dragging the rest of the high street chicken shops into the 21st century. Well done, Sam the chicken! Even if you do sell the fried flesh of your own species for profit!

Photo: Twitter

Ben’s Cookies

OK, unless this is Benedicta, this has the fingerprints of the patriarchy all over it. But Ben himself eschews the false and damaging masculine ideal (he’s a skinny Quentin Blake illustration), so that’s ok, give me a white chocolate and cranberry chunk please.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons


A terrible message. Shaming men for being “soft” just because they want a quick, unhealthy meal helps no one. Sexist stereotypes hurt us all. This is bad for feminism. Next.

Little Chef

Photo: Flickr/Elliott Brown

Same here. Giving men complexes about their height and build is sexist too. You’re big on the inside, chef. Plus some women like little chefs.

BUT also why do men get to be chefs and women have to be cooks? It’s time these gender norms hit the highway. After a quick greasy fry-up en route.

Burger King

Where’s the Burger Queen, I ask?

Silent again. For shame.

Five Guys

They couldn’t even let one woman into the boardroom, could they? Not even one. I bet they only celebrate International Men’s Day over at Five Guys. I bet they change their name and logo on that day to make it TEN Guys. FFS.

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I'm a mole, innit.