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Constituency profiles for the 2019 general election

The News Statesman team has been visiting key battlegrounds and symbolic seats across the UK in order to write constituency profiles for this year’s election.

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“Boris doesn’t care about the north”: Can Brexit define the Labour town of Hartlepool?

The Brexit Party and Conservatives have their eye on the northeast coastal constituency, but its residents are not to be pigeonholed.

Who’s winning in North East Fife, the most marginal constituency in the UK?

The SNP and Liberal Democrats are throwing everything at the seat with a famous two-vote margin.

The Vale of Glamorgan has called the last nine elections — how will it vote in 2019?

In the constituency of disgraced minister Alun Cairns, Labour hopes to make inroads.

Could Remain pain in Canterbury cost Labour its only seat in Kent?

After one of the biggest election night surprises in 2017, the constituency in which Labour’s Rosie Duffield ended a century of Tory rule hangs in the balance.

Norwich North is a key political battleground. But its voters are tired of the fight

The Tories and Labour are preparing for a close contest in this bellweather seat, which has backed the winning party in every election since 1983. But faced with the fifth vote in five years, voters are growing weary.

Meet the Labour Leavers voting Tory: “I’m upset about what I’ve got to do”

In the Vale of Clwyd, the Conservative decision to call a snap election is looking like a good bet.

The Liberal Democrats are targeting St Ives — where nobody is talking about Brexit

Andrew George is fighting his own party’s policies, copycat candidates and Cornish unpredictability in the battle to unseat a Tory.

Rural revolt: The independent rebellion threatening Tory Devon

A local campaigner called Claire Wright is fighting to end Tory rule in East Devon after 150 years, having turned the safe seat marginal over the last two elections.

In Lewes, tactical voting could help the Lib Dems take the seat from Brexiteers

In the week that the Remain alliance was formalised, Maria Caulfield faces a challenge. If only the other parties can work together…

Will Labour topple Iain Duncan Smith in the Chingford and Woodford Green Tory heartland?

The former Tory leader and ardent Brexiteer has held the seat for 27 years – but younger, more ethnically diverse voters could be about to change that.

In Wrexham, voters are abandoning Labour over Brexit

Former miners and council tenants are just some of the voters flirting with the Tories.

In Wolverhampton South West, a love of Brexit may not be enough to turn the seat blue

The Conservatives’ hope that a strong pro-Leave message will regain the seat: but enthusiasm for Brexit seems confined to those who already vote Conservative.