Watch: Sainsbury’s CEO caught singing a sad ode to capitalism between interviews

The merge dirge.

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Spare a thought for the Sainsbury’s CEO who has not only been caught on camera singing before a live ITV interview, but also seems to have shown the nation a window into his soul.

While waiting between interviews on Sainsbury’s upcoming merger with Asda, Mike Coupe began mournfully singing a song that appears in the Eighties Broadway musical 42nd Street, about staging a show during the Great Depression.

Coupe later had to apologise for his “unguarded moment” and “unfortunate choice of song” – unions have warned the supermarkets’ deal could affect thousands of workers with job losses or pay cuts (Sainsbury’s denies this), so singing about wealth was a tad jarring.

But really, look at the guy. Is he happy? This is a melancholy lament. A merge dirge. What he’s really saying, with his sad eyes and mellifluous croon, is that we as a society should be mourning the ravages of capitalism. Your mole is sure of it. Full communism now!

I'm a mole, innit.

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