Five things you need to know: Johnson after deal vote, abortion becoming legal in NI

Plus, unrest in Chile, Clinton trolls Trump, and Meghan Markle tells of tabloid warning.


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Johnson seeks vote on Brexit deal

Boris Johnson is expected to seek a vote on his Brexit deal on Monday after MPs passed the Letwin amendment on Saturday designed to avert the risk of a no-deal Brexit. A court in Scotland is this week ruling on whether Johnson’s multiple letters to the EU, in which he claimed an extension to article 50 was a bad idea while asking for one beyond 31 October, was an attempt to subvert the law.

Deaths and chaos in Chile as unrest continues

Five people have died as the result of a fire allegedly started by rioters during ongoing civil unrest in Chile. The government is planning to extend a state of emergency beyond the capital in a bid to control the protests, which were sparked by a now-suspended metro fare increase but have widened into anger over inequality.

Abortion and gay marriage to become legal in Northern Ireland at midnight

At midnight on Monday abortion and gay marriage will become legal in Northern Ireland for the first time. The Democratic Unionist Party is set to protest the move by reconvening the Stormont Assembly in what is expected to be a largely symbolic because any attempt to elect a speaker and form an executive will be frustrated by Sinn Fein.

Clinton trolls Trump with parody Cuban missile crisis letter

Former presidential candidate Hilary Clinton has tweeted a letter parodying Donald Trump’s incoherent message to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey earlier this month. The joke letter from President Kennedy to his former Russian counterpart Nikita Khrushchev is dated 1962, beginning with “Don’t be a dick, OK?”, and ending “You’re really busting my nuts here. Give you a jingle later. Hugs, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.”

Meghan Markle warned that UK tabloids would “destroy” her life

Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle has told an ITV documentary of being warned that “British tabloids will destroy your life” if she married into the royal family, and spoken out about the struggle of adjusting to being a new mother. The couple are suing a number of British newspapers over invasions of privacy.

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