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Know Your No Deal: How will a no-deal Brexit affect our lives?

New Statesman writers and contributors scrutinise the potential impacts of Britain leaving the European Union without a withdrawal agreement.

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Whether you see it as a cliff edge or an opportunity, no-deal Brexit is on its way and will profoundly impact all of our lives. So our writers and contributors are looking ahead at how it could play out. Their discoveries will be regularly updated on this page, so if you want to Know Your No Deal, bookmark it and click on the pieces below:

The polling

Does the British public want a no-deal Brexit?

By Joe Twyman, a pollster at Deltapoll

The polling that shows why Boris Johnson's no-deal Brexit strategy is a major risk

By Anand Menon, director of the UK in a Changing Europe, and Alan Wager, researcher at the UK in a Changing Europe


“Music venues rely on free movement”: Will a no-deal Brexit affect your favourite bands?

By Ellen Peirson-Hagger, the New Statesman's culture assistant


“Stockpiling is not good for society”: Will a no deal Brexit mean medicine shortages?

By Anoosh Chakelian, the New Statesman's senior writer

As a heart transplant patient, I fear no-deal Brexit is truly “do or die”

By Joshua Murray-Nevill

Antibiotic apocalypse: will a no-deal Brexit affect our health?

By Hettie O'Brien, the New Statesman's online editor


Would a no-deal Brexit cause a recession?

By Arno Hantzsche and Garry Young, economists at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research

How bad would a no-deal Brexit be for the economy?

By Jonathan Portes, professor of economics and public policy, King’s College

What happens to the pound after no-deal Brexit?

By Grace Blakeley, the New Statesman's economics commentator


From multicultural to medieval: could a no-deal Brexit change our food culture?

By Emily Bootle, the New Statesman's editorial assistant

Why experts think food shortages are coming in a no-deal Brexit

By Indra Warnes, the New Statesman's subeditor

What is the New Statesman team stockpiling ahead of a no-deal Brexit?

By the New Statesman team


Would a no-deal Brexit crash the housing market?

By Will Dunn, the New Statesman's managing editor


Will a no-deal Brexit lead to mass culling of sheep?

By Will Dunn


“Just another item on our to-do list”: The popcorn maker’s Brexit business diary

By Adam Sopher, a director and co-founder of Joe & Seph's gourmet popcorn

“Maximum change scenario”: The biotech company’s Brexit business diary

By Peter Rory Hall, on a work experience placement with the New Statesman


What happens to the Brexpats in a no-deal Brexit?

By Samuel Kerr, the New Statesman's events programmer


How will a no-deal Brexit affect Brits travelling to Europe?

By Indra Warnes, New Statesman sub-editor and writer


Would no-deal Brexit lead to a rise in hate crime?

By Hugo Lucas, senior policy officer at Protection Approaches