Nigel Farage hit with a milkshake in Newcastle

“This is exactly what we didn’t want to happen,” said the milkshake.

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In what moral philosophers are already calling “the worst thing to ever happen to anyone in the entire history of the world,” Nigel Farage has had some milkshake thrown at him.

The Brexit party leader was campaigning in Newcastle (51 per cent Remain) city centre when he was hit by the creamy beverage, whose flavour remains, at time of writing, unknown.

Farage was reportedly heard to furiously utter the words “how did that happen” before being bundled into a car and driven to a safe space.

Some Twitter users are so angry at this flagrant attack on free speech that they called for anybody who speaks in favour of it to be banned from social media.

Throwing milkshake at hard right politicians is thought to be the biggest internet-led trend since the ice bucket challenge. A number of other prominent far right campaigners including Tommy Robinson and UKIP’s Carl Benjamin have already taken part.

Your mole’s human colleague Anoosh Chakelian investigated this trend in depth last week.

UPDATE, 14.43pm: Since writing this story, your mole has learned that the weapon in question was a banana & salted caramel milkshake, £5.25 from American burger chain Five Guys. More as we get it.


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