The People’s Vote campaign chair is a cabinet minister’s brother campaigning from, erm, Davos

Erm. Guys?

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Raised eyebrows and raised blood pressure at Radio 4’s Today programme this morning, when the chair of the People’s Vote campaign Roland Rudd – whose sister is the little known Work & Pensions Secretary, Amber – was introduced for an interview from, er, Davos.

Yes. In one sentence that hammers a nail in the coffin for anyone who thinks Brexit can be stopped through a second referendum, here was his introduction:

“Roland Rudd chairs the PR company Finsbury and is also chair of the so-called People’s Vote campaign is in our studio in Davos.”

And then a few minutes later:

“Obviously your sister is the Work & Pensions Secretary… Have you talked to her about it?”

As the brother of a Tory minister, Rudd’s credentials as a walking, talking embodiment of the elite are complete.

Oof. The people’s People’s Vote campaigner, indeed.

I'm a mole, innit.

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