The New York Times's Brexit Britain holiday will be so much more fun once we've left the EU

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The New York Times is offering holiday makers the chance to tour Brexit Britain this October for the incredibly reasonable sum of $5,995.

Unfortunately, the six-day trip is confined to London. While visits to Parliament, City Hall and Chatham House this autumn wilI surely be illuminating, for a true taste of what Brexit will really mean (no, not just “Brexit”) the tour should return in 2019 and take in a broader swathe of the country.

Wouldn’t a look at the millions of lorries backed up on the Maidstone to Dover road trying to pass customs be a far more impressive sight? Perhaps a trip to Hadrian’s Wall to watch the ancient monument being rebuilt to keep the English out following Scottish independence? Or why not visit the fields around Boston (Lincolnshire, not Massachusetts) to survey the acres of vegetables rotting for want of EU workers to pick them?

After all, once we actually leave, there’ll be so much more for those lucky Americans to write home about. 

I'm a mole, innit.

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